Studies in Global Science Fiction

Studies in Global Science Fiction (edited by Anindita Banerjee, Rachel Haywood Ferreira, and Mark Bould) is a brand-new and first-of-its-kind series that opens up a space for Science Fiction scholars across the globe, inviting fresh and cutting-edge studies of both non-Anglo-American and Anglo-American SF literature. Books in this series will put SF in conversation with postcolonial studies, critical race studies, comparative literature, transnational literary and cultural studies, among others, contributing to ongoing debates about the expanding global compass of the genre and the emergence of a more diverse, multinational, and multi-ethnic sense of SF’s past, present, and future. Topics may include comparative studies of selected (trans)national traditions, SF of the African or Hispanic Diasporas, Indigenous SF, issues of translation and distribution of non-Anglophone SF, SF of the global south, SF and geographic/cultural borderlands, and how neglected traditions have developed in dialogue and disputation with the traditional SF canon.

Editors: Anindita Banerjee, Cornell University; Rachel Haywood Ferreira, Iowa State University; Mark Bould, University of the West of England

Advisory Board Members: Aimee Bahng, Dartmouth College; Ian Campbell, Georgia State University; Grace Dillon (Anishinaabe), Portland State University; Rob Latham, Independent Scholar; Andrew Milner, Monash University; Pablo Mukherjee, University of Warwick; Stephen Hong Sohn, University of California, Riverside; Mingwei Song, Wellesley College.