Rod Maclachlan is a visual artist creating installations and live performances with objects and structures in direct relationship with time-based elements such as programed lighting, sound, video or analogue projection. For his current research he is developing a diverse set of artworks to investigate the liminal space that lies between physical and illusionary realities, screen and viewer in moving image installations. A Bill Douglas Cinema Museum researcher stipend will support the production of innovative moving image devices in response to a trip to the museum in spring 2017.

Rod’s works have been experienced at galleries Tate Britain (Late at Tate) and Enclave in London, Liverpool Royal Standard, The Bluecoat in Liverpool and Spike Island and Arnolfini (both Bristol). Collaborations with musicians Murcof, Roly Porter, and Hauschka, have involved live projection for performances at festivals in London, Athens, Amsterdam, Madrid and Braga. Rod works as a projection and lighting designer for theatre and live performance, including Handel’s Messiah, staged at Bristol Old Vic, Easter 2017.

Supervised by Dr Charlotte Crofts (Director of Studies) and Dr Gillian Swanson