Dr Judith Aston

MA Cantab, PhD, FRSA

Position: Associate Professor in Film &Digital Arts

School: Arts, College of Arts, Technology and Environment (CATE)

About me

Judith Aston is a multimedia professional with a passion for live cinema, interactive documentary and digitally expanded film-making. She holds a PhD in Film/Interaction Design from the Royal College of Art and a Masters degree in Geography/Anthropology from the University of Cambridge. She is Co-Founder of i-Docs.org and an elected fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She works across academia and industry, balancing her work as a Senior Lecturer in Filmmaking with Practice-led research conducted through the University’s Digital Cultures Research Centre. Her work explores new ways to convey ideas and experiences at the intersection between immersive filmmaking, live participation and creative technology. She also produces and directs, most recently for live multimedia events such as The Russian Winter and the Bristol Proms, and for her Theatre Within a Theatre immersive film installation. Her work is very much linked to her teaching and she has extensive experience of working with undergraduates, masters and PhD students, as well as innovating within the curriculum.

Area of expertise

Judith’s practice, research and teaching addresses new possibilities for filmmaking brought about by convergence. At the heart of this is the human computer interface, an interest in multiple points of view, and a thirst for combining media with live experience. As a 21st century storyteller working at the cutting edge of design and media, she also has a background in anthropology. This brings a cross-cultural appoach to her work, which is reflected throughout her teaching, research and professional practice. She is an active member of the University’s Digital Cultures Research Centre, is a co-convenor of the bi-annual i-Docs symposia in Bristol and a committee member for the bi-annual Ethnographic Film festival also currently held in Bristol. She maintains a research blog at: www.21stcenturyfilmmaking.com​ ​