i-Docs is a research group based in the Digital Cultures Research Centre at UWE Bristol, and is the leading centre in Europe for investigation into evolving forms of documentary practice. Judith Aston, co-founder and co-director of i-Docs, has seen its community grow from humble beginnings to become a genuinely interdisciplinary site for dialogue and exchange across academia and industry, which stands alongside MIT’s openDocLab in Harvard University in terms of related work and reputation.

The book, i-Docs: The Evolving Practises of Interactive Documentary (2017) represents six years of curatorial work and includes chapters from many of the leading practitioners in the field, many of whom have presented at our biannual symposium in Bristol. As part of this, Aston has written a chapter on ‘interactive documentary and live performance’ which introduces a new paradigm of ’emplaced interaction’, as means of interrogating interactive documentary and providing a backdrop to her wider research interests.