Humberto Perez-Blanco

Position: Senior Lecturer: Film Studies

School: Arts, College of Arts, Technology and Environment (CATE)

About me

I joined UWE in 2003 and since then I have taught in a number of different modules mainly involving aspects of film theory and history in general, world cinema and documentary. My general area of interest is the relation between film and politics in general and with a particular focus in Latin American cinema and on Documentary film. Since its inception I am a member of the collective that organises each year the Bristol Radical Film Festival and I am curator of the series of screenings “Reel World” that takes place during term time at UWE and it is open to all students and staff.

Area of expertise

Contemporary Argentine cinema – both commercial and non-commercial practices. Political cinema in 60s (particularly coming out of Latin America) and its comparison to current practices of political filmmaking around the globe. I am also very interested in issues of documentary theory, particularly the relation between image and reality. Through my involvement on with the Bristol Radical Film Festival, I have recently very interested in researching all aspects around the creation and management of all sorts of cultural events particularly film festivals.