Film Noir (Insider Film)

This research monograph by Professor Andrew Spicer is based on the analysis of over 500 films. The book has been reviewed in: Sight and Sound (12/8: August 2002); Audience (May 2003), the Journal of British Cinema and Television (2/2: 2005). It has been cited in studies of film noir including: Mark Bould, Film Noir (2005); Mark Conard (ed), The Philosophy of Film Noir (2005) and in general studies of American cinema; Barry Langford, Film Genre – Hollywood and Beyond, 2005; Linda Ruth Williams, The Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema, 2005. The chapter on British film noir has been drawn upon in later studies of British cinema: Geoff Mayer, Roy Ward Baker, 2005. Film Noir has sold over 3,000 copies. Spicer’s research has led to conference papers – The Noir Festival, Courmayeur, Italy (December 2002), chapters in books – Mark T. Conrad (ed.), The Philosophy of Neo-Noir, 2006, and journal papers – ‘British Neo-Noir and the Male Anti-Hero’ Anglo Files (1238, May 2003, Denmark) and to write the prestigious Historical Dictionary of Film Noir (Scarecrow Press), for publication in 2009.