European Film Noir

This volume, edited by Professor Andrew Spicer, is the first sustained attempt to dislodge the paradigm of film noir as an exclusively American form, through detailed discussion of the development of film noir and neo-noir in particular European national cinemas: French, British, German, Spanish and Italian. Several of the chapters map their field for the first time, including Spicer’s chapter on British neo-noir that analyses numerous contemporary films that have not had critical recognition. The book brings together leading scholars in their respective fields who each provide a thorough, in-depth critical discussion that analyses the most significant films noirs in relation to their variable contexts of production, distribution and reception, and to social change; each contains a full biography and filmography. In this way the collection constructs an authoritative overview of European film noir based on systematic and detailed research. MUP’s independent reviewer for the completed manuscript described the volume as “an important study [which] offers itself up, and most certainly succeeds, as a valuable overview of the development of film noir in five major European countries – a most readable and compelling volume”.