Dr Amy Genders

Position: Senior Lecturer

School: Arts, College of Arts, Technology and Environment (CATE)

Qualifications: PhD, BA (Hons)

About me

Dr Amy Genders is a Wallscourt Fellow in Screen Business and Creative Enterprise. Her current research primarily concerns freelance labour, regional production and cultural value. She has recently completed a one-year AHRC-funded project investigating the contribution of freelancers to Bristol’s creative economy, the findings of which were published in a 2019 report entitled An Invisible Army: The Role of Freelance Labour in Bristol’s Film and Television Industries. She is currently engaged in a follow-on project investigating the mobility of labour and the creative and cultural importance of place in Bristol and Cardiff as a cross national ‘creative cluster’. Alongside this, she also leads a cross-European research network examining the changing nature and sustainability of regional screen industries.